Manhattan CB 1's Budget Requests

Welcome to the Manhattan Community Board 1 budget requests information portal!

Our hope is that as a CB 1 member, you will find information regarding budget requests from Fiscal Year 2022 as a useful resource for FY 2023. Further down the page, you will see a form for new budget requests ideas as well as a list of budget request ideas that other members have submitted. If you choose to submit your own, your name will not be listed in this public-facing page. That information will be used by your committee chairs to condense and organize ideas based on their similarities and differences.

What will this work create?

Ultimately, our response will be packaged by the Department of City Planning into a document that brings the district needs and budget requests together. Here are two previous fiscal years:

A little information on the NYC Fiscal Calendar and Budget Requests:

The New York City Council has a useful website on the City Budget Process here. The office excerpted a couple of important items to guide you through the rest of the page that you are reading now. The first important concept to keep in mind is the start and end dates of the fiscal calendar do not coincide with those of the Gregorian calendar. The Independent Budget Office (IBO) describes it this way: "The Adopted Budget covers one fiscal year, which in New York City begins on July 1st of each year and ends on June 30th of the following year."

The second is that the City Charter requires community boards to comment on two types of budgets, expense and capital. Here is how they are defined by the Council:

  • The Expense Budget covers the costs of running our city. It pays for the sanitation worker who picks up your garbage, and powers the lights at your local library. Funds are set aside to operate each city agency. This also includes the Debt Service, the City’s annual loan payment for long‑term Capital Projects for which the City borrows State & Federal money.

  • The Capital Budget covers larger long‑term investments in facilities & infrastructure, or Capital Projects. Examples include the construction of public schools, street maintenance, and parks improvements.

Previous Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) Requests

Just below this paragraph you will see a spreadsheet of sorts. The office added additional context to a list of agency responses to requests that we made for FY22. Specifically, we added a column called "status" where we interpreted the response as to mean some sort of approval, denial, request for more information, or if the response was unclear. We hope to use these categories to hone in on ways to make the requests more actionable or whether they should just be eliminated completely. The spreadsheet allows you to filter results or sort them according to the various categories. You can even download the data and use your own spreadsheet program if you wish.

Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Requests as Passed by the Executive Committee

On October 20th, the Executive Committee discussed the budget requests from the previous year and the new submissions from the current year to render a draft resolution to be delivered to the Full Board on Tuesday, October 26. The meeting will open with a Budget Hearing and the resolution will be debated, potentially amended, and given a vote. Between the Executive Committee meeting and the Full Board meeting, the CB 1 staff is making edits that were requested by the Executive Committee to be reflected in the draft resolution that is to be considered on the 26th. Below you will see the current status of all of the requests. As they are edited by the staff, those changes will be reflected here in real time. You may wish to reload this page from time to time to see those changes. The District Manager will make a note in this space when those changes are complete so the public knows when this list represents what will be considered at Full Board.

That's it! Thank you for taking a look.